Vendors Supporting Iceberg Tables

This page contains some of the vendors who are shipping and supporting Apache Iceberg in their products


Cloudera Data Platform integrates Apache Iceberg to the following components:

  • Apache Hive, Apache Impala, and Apache Spark to query Apache Iceberg tables
  • Cloudera Data Warehouse service providing access to Apache Iceberg tables through Apache Hive and Apache Impala
  • Cloudera Data Engineering service providing access to Apache Iceberg tables through Apache Spark
  • The CDP Shared Data Experience (SDX) provides compliance and self-service data access for Apache Iceberg tables
  • Hive metastore, which plays a lightweight role in providing the Iceberg Catalog
  • Data Visualization to visualize data stored in Apache Iceberg


With Dremio, an organization can easily build and manage a data lakehouse in which data is stored in open formats like Apache Iceberg and can be processed with Dremio’s interactive SQL query engine and non-Dremio processing engines. Dremio Cloud provides these capabilities in a fully managed offering.

  • Dremio Sonar is a lakehouse query engine that provides interactive performance and DML on Apache Iceberg, as well as other formats and data sources.
  • Dremio Arctic is a lakehouse catalog and optimization service for Apache Iceberg. Arctic automatically optimizes tables in the background to ensure high-performance access for any engine. Arctic also simplifies experimentation, data engineering, and data governance by providing Git concepts like branches and tags on Apache Iceberg tables.


Snowflake is a single, cross-cloud platform that enables every organization to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Snowflake supports Apache Iceberg by offering native support for Iceberg Tables for full DML as well as connectors to External Tables for read-only access.


Starburst is a commercial offering for the Trino query engine. Trino is a distributed MPP SQL query engine that can query data in Iceberg at interactive speeds. Trino also enables you to join Iceberg tables with an array of other systems. Starburst offers both an enterprise deployment and a fully managed service to make managing and scaling Trino a flawless experience. Starburst also provides customer support and houses many of the original contributors to the open-source project that know Trino best. Learn more about the Starburst Iceberg connector.


Tabular is a managed warehouse and automation platform. Tabular offers a central store for analytic data that can be used with any query engine or processing framework that supports Iceberg. Tabular warehouses add role-based access control and automatic optimization, clustering, and compaction to Iceberg tables.