Class TypeWithSchemaVisitor<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the Java class returned by the visitor
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class TypeWithSchemaVisitor<T>
    extends java.lang.Object
    Visitor for traversing a Parquet type with a companion Iceberg type.
    • Field Detail

      • fieldNames

        protected java.util.ArrayDeque<java.lang.String> fieldNames
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeWithSchemaVisitor

        public TypeWithSchemaVisitor()
    • Method Detail

      • visit

        public static <T> T visit​(Type iType,
                                  org.apache.parquet.schema.Type type,
                                  TypeWithSchemaVisitor<T> visitor)
      • message

        public T message​(Types.StructType iStruct,
                         org.apache.parquet.schema.MessageType message,
                         java.util.List<T> fields)
      • struct

        public T struct​(Types.StructType iStruct,
                        org.apache.parquet.schema.GroupType struct,
                        java.util.List<T> fields)
      • list

        public T list​(Types.ListType iList,
                      org.apache.parquet.schema.GroupType array,
                      T element)
      • map

        public T map​(Types.MapType iMap,
                     org.apache.parquet.schema.GroupType map,
                     T key,
                     T value)
      • primitive

        public T primitive​(Type.PrimitiveType iPrimitive,
                           org.apache.parquet.schema.PrimitiveType primitive)
      • currentPath

        protected java.lang.String[] currentPath()
      • path

        protected java.lang.String[] path​(java.lang.String name)