Class ParquetValueReaders.StructReader<T,​I>

    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      protected StructReader​(java.util.List<org.apache.parquet.schema.Type> types, java.util.List<ParquetValueReader<?>> readers)  
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      protected abstract T buildStruct​(I struct)  
      org.apache.iceberg.parquet.TripleIterator<?> column()  
      java.util.List<org.apache.iceberg.parquet.TripleIterator<?>> columns()  
      protected abstract java.lang.Object getField​(I intermediate, int pos)  
      protected abstract I newStructData​(T reuse)  
      T read​(T reuse)  
      protected abstract void set​(I struct, int pos, java.lang.Object value)
      Used to set a struct value by position.
      protected void setBoolean​(I struct, int pos, boolean value)  
      protected void setDouble​(I struct, int pos, double value)  
      protected void setFloat​(I struct, int pos, float value)  
      protected void setInteger​(I struct, int pos, int value)  
      protected void setLong​(I struct, int pos, long value)  
      protected void setNull​(I struct, int pos)  
      void setPageSource​( pageStore, long rowPosition)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • StructReader

        protected StructReader​(java.util.List<org.apache.parquet.schema.Type> types,
                               java.util.List<ParquetValueReader<?>> readers)
    • Method Detail

      • setPageSource

        public final void setPageSource​( pageStore,
                                        long rowPosition)
        Specified by:
        setPageSource in interface ParquetValueReader<T>
      • column

        public final org.apache.iceberg.parquet.TripleIterator<?> column()
        Specified by:
        column in interface ParquetValueReader<T>
      • columns

        public java.util.List<org.apache.iceberg.parquet.TripleIterator<?>> columns()
        Specified by:
        columns in interface ParquetValueReader<T>
      • newStructData

        protected abstract I newStructData​(T reuse)
      • getField

        protected abstract java.lang.Object getField​(I intermediate,
                                                     int pos)
      • buildStruct

        protected abstract T buildStruct​(I struct)
      • set

        protected abstract void set​(I struct,
                                    int pos,
                                    java.lang.Object value)
        Used to set a struct value by position.

        To avoid boxing, override setInteger(Object, int, int) and similar methods.

        struct - a struct object created by newStructData(Object)
        pos - the position in the struct to set
        value - the value to set
      • setNull

        protected void setNull​(I struct,
                               int pos)
      • setBoolean

        protected void setBoolean​(I struct,
                                  int pos,
                                  boolean value)
      • setInteger

        protected void setInteger​(I struct,
                                  int pos,
                                  int value)
      • setLong

        protected void setLong​(I struct,
                               int pos,
                               long value)
      • setFloat

        protected void setFloat​(I struct,
                                int pos,
                                float value)
      • setDouble

        protected void setDouble​(I struct,
                                 int pos,
                                 double value)