Interface TableLoader

  • All Superinterfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, java.lang.Cloneable,,
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    TableLoader.CatalogTableLoader, TableLoader.HadoopTableLoader

    public interface TableLoader
    extends,, java.lang.Cloneable
    Serializable loader to load an Iceberg Table. Flink needs to get Table objects in the cluster (for example, to get splits), not just on the client side. So we need an Iceberg table loader to get the Table object.
    • Method Detail

      • open

        void open()
      • isOpen

        boolean isOpen()
      • loadTable

        Table loadTable()
      • fromHadoopTable

        static TableLoader fromHadoopTable​(java.lang.String location)
      • fromHadoopTable

        static TableLoader fromHadoopTable​(java.lang.String location,
                                           org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration hadoopConf)