Interface RewritePositionDeleteFiles

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        static final java.lang.String PARTIAL_PROGRESS_ENABLED
        Enable committing groups of files (see max-file-group-size-bytes) prior to the entire rewrite completing. This will produce additional commits but allow for progress even if some groups fail to commit. This setting will not change the correctness of the rewrite operation as file groups can be compacted independently.

        The default is false, which produces a single commit when the entire job has completed.

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        static final boolean PARTIAL_PROGRESS_ENABLED_DEFAULT
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        static final java.lang.String PARTIAL_PROGRESS_MAX_COMMITS
        The maximum amount of Iceberg commits that this rewrite is allowed to produce if partial progress is enabled. This setting has no effect if partial progress is disabled.
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        See Also:
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        static final java.lang.String MAX_CONCURRENT_FILE_GROUP_REWRITES
        The max number of file groups to be simultaneously rewritten by the rewrite strategy. The structure and contents of the group is determined by the rewrite strategy. Each file group will be rewritten independently and asynchronously.
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        See Also:
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        static final java.lang.String REWRITE_JOB_ORDER
        Forces the rewrite job order based on the value.
        • If rewrite-job-order=bytes-asc, then rewrite the smallest job groups first.
        • If rewrite-job-order=bytes-desc, then rewrite the largest job groups first.
        • If rewrite-job-order=files-asc, then rewrite the job groups with the least files first.
        • If rewrite-job-order=files-desc, then rewrite the job groups with the most files first.
        • If rewrite-job-order=none, then rewrite job groups in the order they were planned (no specific ordering).

        Defaults to none.

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        static final java.lang.String REWRITE_JOB_ORDER_DEFAULT
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      • filter

        RewritePositionDeleteFiles filter​(Expression expression)
        A filter for finding deletes to rewrite.

        The filter will be converted to a partition filter with an inclusive projection. Any file that may contain rows matching this filter will be used by the action. The matching delete files will be rewritten.

        expression - An iceberg expression used to find deletes.
        this for method chaining