Interface ActionsProvider

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    public interface ActionsProvider
    An API that should be implemented by query engine integrations for providing actions.
    • Method Detail

      • snapshotTable

        default SnapshotTable snapshotTable​(java.lang.String sourceTableIdent)
        Instantiates an action to snapshot an existing table as a new Iceberg table.
      • migrateTable

        default MigrateTable migrateTable​(java.lang.String tableIdent)
        Instantiates an action to migrate an existing table to Iceberg.
      • deleteOrphanFiles

        default DeleteOrphanFiles deleteOrphanFiles​(Table table)
        Instantiates an action to delete orphan files.
      • rewriteManifests

        default RewriteManifests rewriteManifests​(Table table)
        Instantiates an action to rewrite manifests.
      • rewriteDataFiles

        default RewriteDataFiles rewriteDataFiles​(Table table)
        Instantiates an action to rewrite data files.
      • expireSnapshots

        default ExpireSnapshots expireSnapshots​(Table table)
        Instantiates an action to expire snapshots.
      • deleteReachableFiles

        default DeleteReachableFiles deleteReachableFiles​(java.lang.String metadataLocation)
        Instantiates an action to delete all the files reachable from given metadata location.
      • rewritePositionDeletes

        default RewritePositionDeleteFiles rewritePositionDeletes​(Table table)
        Instantiates an action to rewrite position delete files