Interface ReplacePartitions

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    PendingUpdate<Snapshot>, SnapshotUpdate<ReplacePartitions>
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    public interface ReplacePartitions
    extends SnapshotUpdate<ReplacePartitions>
    Not recommended: API for overwriting files in a table by partition.

    This is provided to implement SQL compatible with Hive table operations but is not recommended. Instead, use the overwrite API to explicitly overwrite data.

    This API accumulates file additions and produces a new Snapshot of the table by replacing all files in partitions with new data with the new additions. This operation is used to implement dynamic partition replacement.

    When committing, these changes will be applied to the latest table snapshot. Commit conflicts will be resolved by applying the changes to the new latest snapshot and reattempting the commit. This has no requirements for the latest snapshot and will not fail based on other snapshot changes.

    • Method Detail

      • validateAppendOnly

        ReplacePartitions validateAppendOnly()
        Validate that no partitions will be replaced and the operation is append-only.
        this for method chaining