Interface FileScanTask

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    public interface FileScanTask
    extends ScanTask
    A scan task over a range of a single file.
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      • file

        DataFile file()
        The file to scan.
        the file to scan
      • deletes

        java.util.List<DeleteFile> deletes()
        A list of delete files to apply when reading the task's data file.
        a list of delete files to apply
      • spec

        PartitionSpec spec()
        The spec used to store this file.
        the partition spec from this file's manifest
      • start

        long start()
        The starting position of this scan range in the file.
        the start position of this scan range
      • length

        long length()
        The number of bytes to scan from the start() position in the file.
        the length of this scan range in bytes
      • residual

        Expression residual()
        Returns the residual expression that should be applied to rows in this file scan.

        The residual expression for a file is a filter expression created from the scan's filter, inclusive any predicates that are true or false for the entire file removed, based on the file's partition data.

        a residual expression to apply to rows from this scan
      • split

        java.lang.Iterable<FileScanTask> split​(long splitSize)
        Splits this scan task into component scan tasks, each of splitSize size
        splitSize - The size of a component scan task
        an Iterable of scan tasks