Class RemoveNetCarryoverIterator

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    public class RemoveNetCarryoverIterator
    extends ChangelogIterator
    This class computes the net changes across multiple snapshots. It is different from RemoveCarryoverIterator, which only removes carry-over rows within a single snapshot. It takes a row iterator, and assumes the following:
    • The row iterator is partitioned by all columns.
    • The row iterator is sorted by all columns, change order, and change type. The change order is 1-to-1 mapping to snapshot id.
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      • RemoveNetCarryoverIterator

        protected RemoveNetCarryoverIterator​(java.util.Iterator<org.apache.spark.sql.Row> rowIterator,
                                             org.apache.spark.sql.types.StructType rowType)
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        public boolean hasNext()
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        public org.apache.spark.sql.Row next()