Class ValuesAsBytesReader

  • public class ValuesAsBytesReader
    extends org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
    Implements a ValuesReader specifically to read given number of bytes from the underlying ByteBufferInputStream.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      java.nio.ByteBuffer getBuffer​(int length)  
      void initFromPage​(int valueCount, org.apache.parquet.bytes.ByteBufferInputStream in)  
      boolean readBoolean()  
      int readBooleanAsInt()
      Returns 1 if true, 0 otherwise.
      double readDouble()  
      float readFloat()  
      int readInteger()  
      long readLong()  
      void skip()  
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        getNextOffset, initFromPage, initFromPage, readBytes, readValueDictionaryId, skip, updateNextOffset
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ValuesAsBytesReader

        public ValuesAsBytesReader()
    • Method Detail

      • initFromPage

        public void initFromPage​(int valueCount,
                                 org.apache.parquet.bytes.ByteBufferInputStream in)
        initFromPage in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • skip

        public void skip()
        Specified by:
        skip in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • getBuffer

        public java.nio.ByteBuffer getBuffer​(int length)
      • readInteger

        public final int readInteger()
        readInteger in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • readLong

        public final long readLong()
        readLong in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • readFloat

        public final float readFloat()
        readFloat in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • readDouble

        public final double readDouble()
        readDouble in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • readBoolean

        public final boolean readBoolean()
        readBoolean in class org.apache.parquet.column.values.ValuesReader
      • readBooleanAsInt

        public final int readBooleanAsInt()
        Returns 1 if true, 0 otherwise.