Class DeleteWriteResult

  • public class DeleteWriteResult
    extends java.lang.Object
    A result of writing delete files.

    Note that objects of this class are NOT meant to be serialized. Task or delta writers will wrap these results into their own serializable results that can be sent back to query engines.

    • Constructor Detail

      • DeleteWriteResult

        public DeleteWriteResult​(DeleteFile deleteFile)
      • DeleteWriteResult

        public DeleteWriteResult​(java.util.List<DeleteFile> deleteFiles)
      • DeleteWriteResult

        public DeleteWriteResult​(java.util.List<DeleteFile> deleteFiles,
                                 CharSequenceSet referencedDataFiles)
    • Method Detail

      • deleteFiles

        public java.util.List<DeleteFile> deleteFiles()
      • referencesDataFiles

        public boolean referencesDataFiles()