Class InMemoryOutputFile

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    public class InMemoryOutputFile
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements OutputFile
    • Constructor Detail

      • InMemoryOutputFile

        public InMemoryOutputFile()
      • InMemoryOutputFile

        public InMemoryOutputFile​(java.lang.String location)
      • InMemoryOutputFile

        public InMemoryOutputFile​(java.lang.String location,
                                  InMemoryFileIO parentFileIO)
        If the optional parentFileIO is provided, file-existence behaves similarly to S3FileIO; existence checks are performed up-front if creating without overwrite, but files only exist in the parentFileIO if close() has been called on the associated output streams (or pre-existing files are populated into the parentFileIO through other means).
        location - the location returned by location() of this OutputFile, the InputFile obtained from calling toInputFile(), and the location for looking up the associated InputFile from a parentFileIO, if non-null.
        parentFileIO - if non-null, commits an associated InMemoryInputFile on close() into the parentFileIO, and uses the parentFileIO for "already exists" checks if creating without overwriting.
    • Method Detail

      • location

        public java.lang.String location()
        Description copied from interface: OutputFile
        Return the location this output file will create.
        Specified by:
        location in interface OutputFile
        the location of this output file
      • toInputFile

        public InputFile toInputFile()
        Description copied from interface: OutputFile
        Return an InputFile for the location of this output file.
        Specified by:
        toInputFile in interface OutputFile
        an input file for the location of this output file
      • toByteArray

        public byte[] toByteArray()