Class FlinkWriteConf

  • public class FlinkWriteConf
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class for common Iceberg configs for Flink writes.

    If a config is set at multiple levels, the following order of precedence is used (top to bottom):

    1. Write options
    2. flink ReadableConfig
    3. Table metadata
    The most specific value is set in write options and takes precedence over all other configs. If no write option is provided, this class checks the flink configuration for any overrides. If no applicable value is found in the write options, this class uses the table metadata.

    Note this class is NOT meant to be serialized.

    • Constructor Detail

      • FlinkWriteConf

        public FlinkWriteConf​(Table table,
                              java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> writeOptions,
                              org.apache.flink.configuration.ReadableConfig readableConfig)
    • Method Detail

      • overwriteMode

        public boolean overwriteMode()
      • upsertMode

        public boolean upsertMode()
      • dataFileFormat

        public FileFormat dataFileFormat()
      • targetDataFileSize

        public long targetDataFileSize()
      • parquetCompressionCodec

        public java.lang.String parquetCompressionCodec()
      • parquetCompressionLevel

        public java.lang.String parquetCompressionLevel()
      • avroCompressionCodec

        public java.lang.String avroCompressionCodec()
      • avroCompressionLevel

        public java.lang.String avroCompressionLevel()
      • orcCompressionCodec

        public java.lang.String orcCompressionCodec()
      • orcCompressionStrategy

        public java.lang.String orcCompressionStrategy()
      • workerPoolSize

        public int workerPoolSize()
      • branch

        public java.lang.String branch()
      • writeParallelism

        public java.lang.Integer writeParallelism()
      • tableRefreshInterval

        public java.time.Duration tableRefreshInterval()
        NOTE: This may be removed or changed in a future release. This value specifies the interval for refreshing the table instances in sink writer subtasks. If not specified then the default behavior is to not refresh the table.
        the interval for refreshing the table in sink writer subtasks