Class FlinkFilters

  • public class FlinkFilters
    extends java.lang.Object
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      static java.util.Optional<Expression> convert​(org.apache.flink.table.expressions.Expression flinkExpression)
      Convert flink expression to iceberg expression.
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      • convert

        public static java.util.Optional<Expression> convert​(org.apache.flink.table.expressions.Expression flinkExpression)
        Convert flink expression to iceberg expression.

        the BETWEEN, NOT_BETWEEN, IN expression will be converted by flink automatically. the BETWEEN will be converted to (GT_EQ AND LT_EQ), the NOT_BETWEEN will be converted to (LT_EQ OR GT_EQ), the IN will be converted to OR, so we do not add the conversion here

        flinkExpression - the flink expression
        the iceberg expression