Interface DeleteLoader

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    public interface DeleteLoader
    An API for loading delete file content into in-memory data structures.
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      • loadEqualityDeletes

        StructLikeSet loadEqualityDeletes​(java.lang.Iterable<DeleteFile> deleteFiles,
                                          Schema projection)
        Loads the content of equality delete files into a set.
        deleteFiles - equality delete files
        projection - a projection of columns to load
        a set of equality deletes
      • loadPositionDeletes

        PositionDeleteIndex loadPositionDeletes​(java.lang.Iterable<DeleteFile> deleteFiles,
                                                java.lang.CharSequence filePath)
        Loads the content of position delete files for a given data file path into a position index.
        deleteFiles - position delete files
        filePath - the data file path for which to load deletes
        a position delete index for the provided data file path