Class SystemConfigs

  • public class SystemConfigs
    extends java.lang.Object
    Configuration properties that are controlled by Java system properties or environmental variable.
    • Field Detail


        public static final SystemConfigs.ConfigEntry<java.lang.Integer> WORKER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE
        Sets the size of the worker pool. The worker pool limits the number of tasks concurrently processing manifests in the base table implementation across all concurrent planning or commit operations.

        public static final SystemConfigs.ConfigEntry<java.lang.Integer> DELETE_WORKER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE
        Sets the size of the delete worker pool. This limits the number of threads used to read delete files for a data file.

        public static final SystemConfigs.ConfigEntry<java.lang.Boolean> SCAN_THREAD_POOL_ENABLED
        Whether to use the shared worker pool when planning table scans.

        public static final SystemConfigs.ConfigEntry<java.lang.Integer> IO_MANIFEST_CACHE_MAX_FILEIO
        Maximum number of distinct FileIO that is allowed to have associated ContentCache in memory at a time.

        public static final SystemConfigs.ConfigEntry<java.lang.Boolean> NETFLIX_UNSAFE_PARQUET_ID_FALLBACK_ENABLED
        will be removed in 2.0.0; use name mapping instead