Interface StatisticsFile

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    public interface StatisticsFile
    Represents a statistics file in the Puffin format, that can be used to read table data more efficiently.

    Statistics are informational. A reader can choose to ignore statistics information. Statistics support is not required to read the table correctly.

    • Method Detail

      • snapshotId

        long snapshotId()
        ID of the Iceberg table's snapshot the statistics were computed from.
      • path

        java.lang.String path()
        Returns fully qualified path to the file, suitable for constructing a Hadoop Path. Never null.
      • fileSizeInBytes

        long fileSizeInBytes()
        Size of the file
      • fileFooterSizeInBytes

        long fileFooterSizeInBytes()
        Size of the Puffin footer.
      • blobMetadata

        java.util.List<BlobMetadata> blobMetadata()
        List of statistics contained in the file. Never null.