Interface ViewVersion

  • public interface ViewVersion
    A version of the view at a point in time.

    A version consists of a view metadata file.

    Versions are created by view operations, like Create and Replace.

    • Method Detail

      • versionId

        int versionId()
        Return this version's id. Version ids are monotonically increasing
      • timestampMillis

        long timestampMillis()
        Return this version's timestamp.

        This timestamp is the same as those produced by System.currentTimeMillis().

        a long timestamp in milliseconds
      • summary

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> summary()
        Return the version summary such as the name of the operation that created that version of the view
        a version summary
      • representations

        java.util.List<ViewRepresentation> representations()
        Return the list of other view representations.

        May contain SQL view representations for other dialects.

        the list of view representations