Interface SupportsDelta

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    public interface SupportsDelta
    extends RowLevelOperation
    A mix-in interface for RowLevelOperation. Data sources can implement this interface to indicate they support handling deltas of rows.
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      • newWriteBuilder

        DeltaWriteBuilder newWriteBuilder​(ExtendedLogicalWriteInfo info)
        Description copied from interface: RowLevelOperation
        Returns a write builder to configure a write for this row-level operation.

        Note that Spark will first configure the scan and then the write, allowing data sources to pass information from the scan to the write. For example, the scan can report which condition was used to read the data that may be needed by the write under certain isolation levels.

        Specified by:
        newWriteBuilder in interface RowLevelOperation
      • rowId

        org.apache.spark.sql.connector.expressions.NamedReference[] rowId()
        Returns the row ID column references that should be used for row equality.