Class GenericOrcWriter

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      static OrcRowWriter<Record> buildWriter​(Schema expectedSchema, org.apache.orc.TypeDescription fileSchema)<FieldMetrics<?>> metrics()
      Returns a stream of FieldMetrics that this OrcRowWriter keeps track of.
      void write​(Record value, output)
      Writes or appends a row to ORC's VectorizedRowBatch.
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      • buildWriter

        public static OrcRowWriter<Record> buildWriter​(Schema expectedSchema,
                                                       org.apache.orc.TypeDescription fileSchema)
      • write

        public void write​(Record value,
        Description copied from interface: OrcRowWriter
        Writes or appends a row to ORC's VectorizedRowBatch.
        Specified by:
        write in interface OrcRowWriter<Record>
        value - the row data value to write.
        output - the VectorizedRowBatch to which the output will be written.