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Python Quickstart

Python API Quickstart #

Installation #

Iceberg python is currently in development, for development and testing purposes the best way to install the library is to perform the following steps:

git clone https://github.com/apache/iceberg.git
cd iceberg/python
pip install -e .

Testing #

Testing is done using tox. The config can be found in tox.ini within the python directory of the iceberg project.

# simply run tox from within the python dir

Examples #

Inspect Table Metadata #

from iceberg.hive import HiveTables

# instantiate Hive Tables
conf = {"hive.metastore.uris": 'thrift://{hms_host}:{hms_port}'}
tables = HiveTables(conf)

# load table
tbl = tables.load("iceberg_db.iceberg_test_table")

# inspect metadata

# get table level record count
from pprint import pprint